My name is Gesa and I was born in 1977 in East Berlin. As a child I felt that my fellows and the environment are gray and monotonous, very often I fled into dreams, dreams of countries far away and I imagined what I would wear there.With my Barbie dolls I have played out many of these fantasies, I’ve dressed them from head to toe, everything hand-sewn and home-made by myself.
Now as an adult, I still enjoy dressing up very much, expressing myself in clothing in a thousand ways from edgy to romantic, sporty to elegant. With my outfit ideas I wish to inspire you to express your personal femininity, to be bolder, to combine different styles that you have not thought of.
My tag system offers you the possibility to search for pieces of clothing that you might have in your own wardrobe and see different ways to style them. It is not about copying an outfit to 100%, but about the color palette, the silhouette and style combination that you can adapt to your figure and wardrobe items. My outfit ideas present my love for variety and femininity.